Steve and I trained for 2 years since 2016. I went in with very little knowledge of exercise and nutrition and even less knowledge of personal training or if Steve was the right fit as a personal trainer for me. But from the first day he took me under his wing, I knew he’d
help me grow more as a person mentally, physically and emotionally.

Training was twice a week, where one session was a weights session and the other a circuit session and through these sessions, I gained
so much knowledge on new exercises as well as the confidence to challenge myself each time.
Steve was always supportive and over time, I grew to love each challenge he presented me..

Steve has taught me routine, consistency, patience and how to take on challenges outside of the gym. Steve has also taught me what it’s like to be a good person by him setting an example as a friend to me person by him setting an example as a friend to me and a father and husband to his family.

He’s supported me in everything I do and have done, he’s seen me go through all the ups and downs and the best thing about Steve is that through everything, he’s never given up on me and supported me all the way through.

I can’t be grateful enough for his tautoko (support)! Hands down, I highly recommend Steve as a trainer and mentor. If you’re looking for someone to boost, encourage, challenge and motivate yourself to be the best version of you, Steve is no doubt the person to see!

– Lee Tere