Mission statement

Remove the barriers people face when it comes to exercise. Educate my clients to give them the tools they need to workout effectively, with minimal to no equipment, anywhere they have space to move.

The COMS Fitness approach

At COMS Fitness being functionally fit means being strong on the move. Life isn’t static so why train that way?
I’ve worked with a range of clients from professional athletes to boardroom executives to law enforcement officers to parents just wanting to keep pace with their kids and the common ground I’ve found with all of them is the need to move well, have more energy and be mentally and physically strong.

This journey will begin with a consultation and relatively short but thorough functional movement screen. This allows me to spot where the clients strengths lie and establish where improvements can be made. The FMS gives me a clear path to take with programme design for the client

“It is the optimal long term performance and mindset of my clients that matters most.”

Once we get to the actual workouts there will be a focus on compound, multi joint movements practiced with both ballistic (explosive power) and grind (slow, time under tension) methods which allow us to dramatically improve balance and mobility while at the same time increasing strength and endurance. The workouts are progressive and always challenging. Together we will break down limiting self beliefs and build a stronger, more powerful you.

Steve Shannon with Steph

While fat loss and increased muscle tone are happy byproducts of my training method, the cosmetic component is not the focus nor the goal. It is the optimal long term performance and mindset of my clients that matters most.

Aside from the physical benefits, overcoming the challenges faced in our sessions will improve your confidence. Regular exercise is a proven and powerful weapon in the battle with mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Strong body, stronger mind and above all else stronger for longer.