Meet Steve

Thank you for checking out my site.
My name is Steve Shannon. I became interested in human performance at an early age, following in my older brothers foot steps and getting involved in the martial arts.
Studying various tradotional styles including Judo, Karate and Aikido, I was tested and passed as an instructor by the Grandmaster of Balintawak Arnis (Filipino stick fighting) B. Taboada.

Steve Shannon owner of COMS Fitness

Accurately described as being “skinny fat” in 1996 I borrowed a pair of track pants from a mate, had my first workout in a gym setting and was immediately hooked. I remember leaving the gym and saying to my mate “imagine if we became one of those fitness guys.”

“Read, watch, listen, create.
Do something every day that broadens your mind and sharpens your focus”
– Steve Shannon

After studying to become a Personal Trainer with NZIHF I joined the team at Les Mills Hamilton in 2010 where I’m still based today as a REPS registered Personal Trainer.

Being married and a father of three amazing children, I understand the challenges of balancing a busy life and how important the role of regular exercise plays for both physical and mental well being. For me good health is a balance of mental and phsical fitness, so read, watch, listen, create. Do something every day that broadens your mind and sharpens your focus.

Steve Shannon and his Twins

I have a student/coach mindset, meaning that I am always looking for ways to upskill and educate myself so that I may provide the highest level of personal training to my clients. With a focus on Hard Style kettlebell training, calisthenics, steel mace training and various other functional training methods I can help you to reach new levels of mental and physical strength and performance.


• Hard Style Kettlebell training
• Steel mace training
• Calisthenics (body weight workouts)
• Functional / hiit circuits
• Strength and conditioning
• Muscle gain and fat loss


• Personal Training Cert lvl 4.
• Advanced Hard Style Kettlebell Instructor NZ IRON lvl 2.
• Balintawak Arnis (Filipino stick fighting) Instructor.
• FMS (Functional movement systems) Cert lvl 1.
• Original Strength certified coach.
• Zuu Bronze Cert.
• Kinesiology Institute of performance specialists (KIPS) Steel mace instructor.
• Punchfit (boxing) Instructor.