Kettlebell training

Going ballistic

Certified NZ Iron level 2 instructor and co founder of Advanced Kettlebell Academy (AKA), the kettlebell method I instruct is known as Hard Style and dates back to the 1970’s with its roots in the martial arts. It was developed to support the empty hand combat system used by Russian special ops. Kettlebell training itself though has a recorded history dating back over 400 years and there’s a reason why it has stood the test of time. Simplicity is the key.

“The Kettlebell is an Ancient Russian Weapon Against Weakness.”
– Pavel Tsatsouline

Looking much like a cannonball with a handle attatched, the kettlebell is proudly devoid of any gimmicks and is pure in its purpose of erasing weakness and replacing it with strength, explosive power and endurance.

The way of the Kettlebell

Kettlebell movements can be categorized as either “ballistic” or “grind”.
Ballistic movements (examples: swing, high pull or snatch etc..) are performed with a combination of speed, power and precision timed tension (lock out or plank). These movements combine power and endurance and burn calories at an incredible rate.

Steve Shannon kettlebell snatch

Grind movements (examples: Turkish get up, overhead press, wimdmills etc…) are performed in a slower, controlled fashion with a focus on strength, time under tension, mobility and stability.
Think grind movements sound easier? Wait till you do your first loaded get up.

Steve Shannon Turkish get up

Forged in fire

If you want to get lean, kettlebell training is a powerful weapon in that war.

One study conducted by the American council on exercise (ACE) revealed the following…

Participants were taken through a 20 minute VO2 max workout, performing snatches and using the 15:15 work rest protocols developed by Keneth Jay (master RKC instructor and the author of Viking Warrior Conditioning).

What they found was that on average the participants burned 13.6 calories aerobically per minute and on top of that another 6.6 calories anaerobically giving an average of 20.2 calories burned per minute.

Dr Porcari (one of those running the test) was quoted as saying “That’s equivalent to running a 6-minute mile pace. The only other thing I could find that burns that many calories is cross-country skiing uphill at a fast pace.”

Kettlebell training will not only improve your explosive power, strength, fitness, mobility and flexibility, it will also strengthen tendons and ligaments making your joints stronger and more stable. These effects will rehab existing injuries and help prevent the risk of other injuries happening in the future.

On top of all that Kettlebell training is empowering and fun! A number of my clients choose to do pure kettlebell sessions with me only.